SAMSAM Resort Website Design
zGlue Rebranding
Petuum Rebranding
Kr Space Brand Extension
Accidirt Brand
Star Shine Women Fashion Brand
Year of the Monkey Poster
Trustlook Rebrand
MFA Thesis book : [anti-][syn-]thesis
One Designer, Two Cultures
TSINGTAO beer Package
KOHL's Stone Harbor Package Design
KOHL's Jumping Beans Package Design
Abstract Diary
Rebranding "The Arcade" Providence
Oredr & Dsioredr In My Eyes
RISD 2014 Graphic Design Exhibition takeaway
Sound Diary
Chi Diagram Grid
Golden Section Grid Brand
Who Is Lance Zhang?
London // Show us your Type
GD Changed My Life - Poster
Typeface Design: Impression 印象体
App Design : My Photos
Global Warming Newspaper
Joe Hisaishi Music Brochure
UP : Urban Planning
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