AutoBrain Brand Design
"FengBa" Pingping Wang Painting Collection
ApolloBox Website Design
SAMSAM Resort Website Design
zGlue Rebranding
Petuum Rebranding
Kr Space Brand Extension
Accidirt Brand
Star Shine Women Fashion Brand
Year of the Monkey Poster
Trustlook Rebrand
MFA Thesis book : [anti-][syn-]thesis
One Designer, Two Cultures
TSINGTAO beer Package
KOHL's Stone Harbor Package Design
KOHL's Jumping Beans Package Design
Abstract Diary
Rebranding "The Arcade" Providence
Oredr & Dsioredr In My Eyes
RISD 2014 Graphic Design Exhibition takeaway
Sound Diary
Chi Diagram Grid
Golden Section Grid Brand
Who Is Lance Zhang?
London // Show us your Type
GD Changed My Life - Poster
Typeface Design: Impression 印象体
App Design : My Photos
Global Warming Newspaper
Joe Hisaishi Music Brochure
UP : Urban Planning
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